Livoltek Unveils Innovation energy storage solutions solar & storage Live UK 2022

Solar & Storage Live, the UK’s largest renewable energy exhibition, gathers manufacturers, developers and installers from the solar, storage & EV Industries. During the 3-day exhibition, LIVOLTEK stands out among the 150+ exhibitors with its innovative products, including Energy storage system (ESS), PV inverters, EV chargers and other solar products. Responding to the growing demand for renewable energy, LIVOLTEK demonstrated how its products and smart energy management system can help to lower electricity bills with solar-powered solutions.

LIVOLTEK Power, a subsidiary of Hexing Group, is one of the outstanding solar product manufacturers and service providers worldwide. With global supply chains, cutting-edge solar technology, and a responsive service network, it shows natural advantages in the solar energy industry of more than 90 countries. In the exhibition, three main product categories successfully gained the attendants’ attention.

The LIVOLTEK All-in-one Energy Storage System (ESS) combines a hybrid inverter and low-voltage batteries that can help to avoid expensive load peaks by storing solar power and using it whenever needed. Its energy storage capacity can be expanded up to 25 kWh by adding extra batteries, maximizing energy independence from the grid. It is easy to install, flexible to split and space-efficient. Besides, the unique aesthetic design has gained many users’ compliments till now.

LIVOLTEK Smart EV Charger with 7.3kW, 11kW and 22kW were highly discussed products at the exhibition. They can connect with All-in-one Energy Storage System (ESS) and manage energy together via LIVOLTEK App. These are also available for public carpark service by connecting to LIVOLTEK commercial smart management platform. Three charging modes are available to meet personal requirements: fast mode, dynamic mode and Eco mode. With the smart management app, users can customize the power rate to protect the home load, and set solar energy as the prior energy input to charge the vehicles with 100% renewable energy. It is worth mentioning that this EV Charger supports remote control and upgrade through OTA to meet the requirements of the latest local regulations & standards.

LIVOLTEK also exhibited PV inverters 5kW to meet household requirements. Its 150% DC/AC ratio allows the device to produce more energy and higher yields when used in weak light. This on-grid application enables solar-generated power to cover as much as household energy needs and pay off through feed-in power. With the local government policy, household users can have much lower electrical costs and gain income from the extra power generated from the PV system. LIVOLTEK also developed three phases PV inverters up to 60kW for commercial and industrial usage, and is planning to launch higher power PV inverters by the end of next year to meet large-scale projects.

LIVOLTEK residential solar products have achieved enormous success in Latin American, Mid-east and South African areas, and the next step is to become the rising star in Europe and South East Asia. LIVOLTEK established the local offices & warehouses in Europe, and is planning to have a manufacturing plant in the near future.

“LIVOLTEK is committed to providing high-quality solar power for all distributors, wholesalers, retailers and installers.” says the European Director of LIVOLTEK. “We focus on green energy innovation and are dedicated to providing people with better quality, more efficient, and more economical energy use experience. We attempt to improve professional service and delivery times in Europe and the UK. We will help citizens in Europe and UK citizens to overcome the energy crisis together.”

This high-level networking event encourages industry collaboration to discuss business, share ideas and strengthen the technology for future energy systems. LIVOLTEK took the opportunity to engage with the interested attendees at the exhibition and will continue to provide excellent new energy products and services to Europe, the UK and other countries and regions worldwide.


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